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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I view my proofs online?
Your proofs will be available for viewing and/or purchasing 3 weeks after the time of photography.

Where do I view my proofs and/or place my order? CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions.

Have the proofs been retouched?
The proofs that you view online have not been retouched.  If you paid for a sitting, keep in mind that our "Standard Facial Retouching" is automatically included on any print you order, including your yearbook pose. If you chose to have a 1-pose No Charge sitting, retouching is not automatically included, but you will be given the opportunity to add it when placing your order online.

What is “Standard Facial Retouching?” 
This means that blemishes will be removed and facial lines will be softened.  Extensive retouching (removal of glass glare, braces, scars, stray hair, etc) will be available to purchase at the time of your order. For any retouching not listed, please call us for a quote. 

Can I just choose a pose for the yearbook?
Of course!  You may choose to not order any pictures at this time, and only submit your choice for the yearbook.  However, your picture may only be available for purchase up until the time of graduation.  

Is there a deadline to select my yearbook pose?
Yes - click here to find your school's yearbook deadline.  Each school has a strict deadline that they need to keep, in order to make sure the printing of the yearbook remains on schedule.  We are committed to keeping in line with the deadline, and if we have not received your choice for the yearbook in time, we will select a pose for you, to make sure you are included in the yearbook.  

Can I order more photos at a later date?
Yes!  However, your picture may only be available for purchase up until the time of graduation.  We also cannot guarantee the prices of our portraits after the end of the school year.

Can I have a retake?
Of course!  We want you to be 100% pleased with your senior portrait!  To schedule a retake session, click on this link: SCHEDULE A RETAKE SESSION, and simply include "retake" in the notes.  The price for the retake session is the same as the original session.  And, also understand that if it is close to your yearbook deadline, it may not be possible to choose a yearbook selection from your retake session.

Can I choose more than one pose per package?
Yes, you may.  There are multi-pose packages available, and you may also order prints by the sheet.

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