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Underclass (K-11) - Fall Formal Portraits

Robert Taylor Photography has been photographing underclass school pictures in the Connecticut area for over forty years. We offer timeless, quality portraits year after year, continually living up to our solid reputation. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that our customers can purchase their packages with confidence. We understand the importance of providing classic, long-lasting portraits, and we strive to make certain that each of our schools receive the attention, service, and professionalism they deserve.

Pre-Pay for Your Underclass Photos (Best Price!)

(Only Available Up Until 1 Week After Picture Day)


PLEASE NOTE: Your order will be delivered to the school with the bulk order in 3-4 weeks.

If it's more than a week past picture day, you will receive a proof card 3-4 weeks after picture day with information on how to order your child's portrait online.  If you've already received your proof card, click here.

STEP ONE: Find your school's password on chart below:

UC school online prepay pins 2023-24.png

STEP TWO: Once you've made note of your school's password, click Continue.

Proof Card

Place Order from Proof Card

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not place an order on picture day, you will receive a proof card 3-4 weeks later with information on how to place your order online.  Once you have received your proof card, click the button below to place your order.  You will need your Gallery Code and Personal Pin from your proof card.

Proof Card Sample.jpeg
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